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I am Dominic Rai – a writer, director and founder of the Mán Melá Theatre Company, and the Salt Sarkar project (with the late Caroline Goffin).

My commissioned work includes a drama about honour-based crimes for 43 police constabularies, two bilingual community health plays about diabetes and cancer awareness for NHS Derby City and librettist for the Ballad of Bethnal Green for the BBC Singers. Two key themes of my work are the story of Indian soldiers in World War One and the Partitiion of British India and creation of Pakistan in 1947: A Lifetime on Tiptoes by Mazhar Tirmazi and Panjab 1947 – A Heart Divided, creative director to the National Archives project about the Partition of India and creation of Pakistan. I have also presented a paper on the significance of the poet Sahir: A Commemoration of the Poet’s Life and Work & Sahirana: Ek Sham Sahir Ke Naam for the International Online Conference, 6-8 March 2021.

I was born in Sansarpur a village famous for hockey in East Panjab and grew up in Birmingham.

My working life started as an actor with Tara Arts in London. I worked with the BBC Singers as a writer on the Ballad of Bethnal Green, produced two bilingual community health plays in Derby and a training film for the UK police ‘Her Choice Your Duty to Protect’ on so called honour killings filmed in South Wales.

As Artistic Director of Mán Melá Theatre company in London, I developed The Cornershop ,with three Asian writers, which toured Scotland and England.

In 1998 I wrote to Mulk Raj Anand, who was then in his 90s and living in Bombay, to adapt his 1940 novel Across the Black Waters for the stage. This is the only novel by a major Indian writer about soldiers from Undivided India who fought for Britain in The Great War. This novel shows the Western Front was as culturally diverse as Britain is today and that people of different ethnicities and religions can work together for the common good, as they did over 100 years ago. Something worth reminding ourselves of today.

I currently live in Gloucester and served as a trustee of Chapter Arts Centre till 2015.


Away from the camera, you’ll find me lost in a great book. For hours.

Through my lens, I seek to capture the beauty of rebellion, the charm of nonconformity, and the fusion of style and personality. With a deep passion for pushing boundaries and a talent for conveying genuine emotion, I invite you to explore my portfolio and join me in discovering a world where fashion becomes art and brands find their unique voice.



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